University of Albany ....

John Shott shott at
Tue Dec 11 13:42:41 PST 2001

Bill and Mike:

I've had a phone call from Tim Stoner at the lab at the University of Albany
(I think that it may be one of the SUNY campuses) who are eager to get/run

I told them that we were in the process of getting MIT and PSU operational and
then we would probalby be in a position to work with them.

This may be an interesting test ... they are an IBM shop: Will run this on an
RS/6000 running AIX and they want to use DB2.  Although Tim Stoner is the lab
manager, they apparently have a manager of their RS/6000 "SuperComputer" ...
gee, I thought it was a workstation or simply a server ... I've told them that
it will be thier responsibility to ultimately convert our SQL table setup
stuff and stored procedures into the DB2 dialect of SQL ... and he seemed
happy to commit to do that.

So, we are getting a number of customers lined up ...

Talk to you later,


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