Remote coral and obfuscation ...

John Shott shott at
Wed Dec 19 17:15:55 PST 2001

Bill and Mike:

I've updated, tested (on the development side), and checked in two files to
work around the obfuscation problem that I outlined earlier.

The new files that you should get from me with an update are:
The modifications in the script_zkm.txt tell it not to obfuscate classes
labnet.resource.client.MemberAddModel and variations of this with combinations
of Member/Project/Account Add/Edit/Delete.

I modified the makefile to do two things:
	Make obfuscation depend on a more recenter version of the script file (in
addition to the jar file.  Also, I've stored the logs from obfuscation in
/var/log/labnet/build instead of simply /var/log/labnet so they aren't in the
way of normal log files.  One of them that may be useful at some point is
called ZKMConversions.log ... this file is the magic decoder ring of which
class files got renamed to which obfuscated names.  If someone reports that
they had a remote error that reported that class labnet.a.a.a reported a null
pointer exception, we can look there and find that labnet.a.a.a is actually
labnet.auth.ticket.DTD ... which you probably wouldn't guess just by looking
at it.



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