resurection of Quasi

Mike Bell mbell at
Mon Feb 5 13:50:18 PST 2001

Coral team,

If it's true that the problem we had on Rosen is related to the known
sbus problem and 2 NICs. It seems likely that we can revive the old
Quasi box which could then be used as a spare for Rosen. I've verified
that the Ultra2 is under warranty (they will "book it" this week, but
can't explain why it took so long), but this would give us a more
immediate backup solution until we get new hardware.

While this is not Java coding related I think it may be a good use of my
time as it will provide some insight into the existing problem with
Rosen, maybe even a fix. Right now, of course, rebooting Rosen is
perilous since it comes up with a bus error and at least the last time
took several reboots. I would test this on the revived Quasi and then
implement the "patch" on Rosen.


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