locked sunrays

Matt Hopcroft hopcroft at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Feb 14 12:20:07 PST 2001

Hi John,

	Thanks for the information. However, it now seems like there may
be two problems. The sunray in the office area had a persistent "card
light" and a green "wedge light" (the clear plastic wedge at the top of
the sunray). Two sunrays in the cleanroom have a persistent card light and
an orange wedge light. They don't respond to the control-crescent. Let me
know if there is anything else I can do. [the affected sunrays are by
wbnonmetal and drytek2]


Matt Hopcroft
hopcroft at snf.stanford.edu

On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, John Shott wrote:

> Matt:
> I don't know what has been causing this epidemic ... and in particular if it
> is a usage problem or an underlying electronic problem.
> However, I think that I know how to fix it:
> If you hit "Control-Crescent" ... in otherwords, the Control key at the same
> time that you hit the "Crecent" key (which is the uppermost key on the far
> right of the keyboard).  "Control-Crescent" basically does a powercycle and
> downloads the firmware again (it will go through the "Big Hourglass" with -
> then -- then --- under them ...).
> I just fixed the Sunray by the office area ... if you are in the lab, I'd
> appreciate it if you can see if this fixes them.
> Thank you,
> John

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