no off-campus remote access

Mike Bell mbell at
Thu Feb 15 13:46:04 PST 2001


I think we can solve your problem. It is basically a bug in Sun's Web Start that
does not down load the new version of Coral when a change is made. So,

1) Double click the Java Web Start icon
    You should see the Coral application.

2) If you have more than one Web Start application single click to select Coral.

3) On the Menu bar at the top select Application -> Remove from Cache.
    This will remove the Coral application.

4) Go back to the SNF web site and reinstall Coral by:
            going  to
            then selecting "Remote access to Coral"
            then selecting "Launch Remote Coral"

This will reinstall Remote Coral per our previous instructions.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know if these directions are solve the
problem and are clear. Then I will send them to all lab members.


Mike Bell
650 725-9503

John Shott wrote:

> Beth:
> Hmmm ... no, I don't have a great idea, but yours is not the first mention of
> this type.
> It makes we wonder whether there has been some sort of campus-wide change in
> networking or policy or whatever.
> Since I'm a complete bozo related to knowing about cable modems ... when it
> was working, how did you connect to us?  Did you first open some sort of a
> connection to Stanford? And then fire up remote Coral?
> Any details will help me to track this problem down ...
> Thanks,
> John

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