Resource client ... d_account, and d_project.

John Shott shott at
Sat Feb 24 08:58:39 PST 2001

Bill and Mike:

(Bill, I think that you and I have talked about this in the past ... but I
can't remember whether we discussed some/all of this when we talked about DB

We currently have the fields in the member table: d_project and d_account.

It seems as if this is not optimum because there is no guarantee that the
d_account is necessarily even associated with the d_project. 

It seems as if it makes more sense to have d_project be a field in the member
table ... and then add d_account as a field in the project table. (I think
that we also discussed adding a field like "PI" or maybe "supervisor" to the
project table.

In any event, it seems as if, in our case, one member can be authorized to
work on one or more projects.  Each project, in turn, can (in principle)
charge to one or more accounts and therefore, I think, d_account is more of a
project property than a member property.  Of course, in our case, I think that
our rule is that once project can only charge to one account at one time ...
so the d_account will be the same as the currently active account for that

Note: I think that this shouldn't require any changes to the charges_to or
works_on tables.  It may, however, require a change to the way that we are
generating user tickets ... although, I think that it should be able to clean
it up by listing a default project then all projects, then, for each project,
a list of the default account followed by all of the accounts for that

Also, related to the client ... it seems as if it should be configurable
whether a site allows one member to work on more than one or only one project
and whether one project can charge to more than one or only one account. (Our
"rule" at snf is: a member can have multiple projects but each project can
only charge to one account at a time ... although I don't think that we
currently have anything in place that enforces the "only one account per
project" rule ...

Anyhow, those are my thoughts ...

I'll be off during the next week.  I should be able to check e-mail a time or
two if there is anything important.  Also, if need be, I can be reached at
Heidi's cell phone number: 408 431-5827 ... even though we will be in San

Have a good week,


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