Fwd: failure notice

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Jan 10 19:27:15 PST 2001


I checked and found that Sun's documentation had a bug in their VBScript that
determines whether Java Web Start is installed ... that affects Internet
Explorer but not Netscape.

Now that you know that you have things installed properly (as far as Netscape
is concerned) would you mind going to the snf page with Internet Explorer
where it says either "Download Remote Coral" or "You need to install Java
WebStart" and see if it now says "Download Remote Coral"? (Note: you may have
to either purge the cache or reload that page a couple of times to make sure
that it gets my updated version instead of pulling the old version from the

I don't seem to have IE on my machine ...

Thanks for the tip that IE was dead in the water ... I hope this helps the


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