netscape problems

Mike Bell mbell at
Thu Jan 11 11:02:35 PST 2001

John and Bill,


I've run into at least 2 cases in which I was told by a member they
couldn't get remote Coral to work and that the options to Launch remote
Coral were not on the web page.  Turns out all they need to do is go
into edit -> preferences ->advanced ->cache and "clear memory cache" and
"clear disk cache". Then the "new version" of the web page shows up and
we live happily ever after. 

John - I can send email to labmembers if you think this might be a
widespread problem. I'm not sure why it happens because netscape
typically does a compare at least once each session. I think it might be
a bug. I hear version 6 of Netscape is REALLY bad.  I can hardly wait.

Also, this may be a problem in the future if we change the webpage.


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