can't launch remote Coral

John Shott shott at
Fri Jan 12 15:40:12 PST 2001


One thing that you might try related to launching of remote Coral ...

1. Exit the current verion of javawebstart ... if it is running.

2. Fire up the "Task Manager" (by right-clicking on a non-icon part of the
task bar.

3. Scroll down the list of running processes and look for any that say
javaw.exe (which is the executable of Java Web Start). If there are any,
select each one and click "End Process".

Once they are all gone, fire up Java Web Start and try again.
Also, under the "Edit"/"Preferences" menu item on Java Web Start, click 
"Advanced" and check the "Log Output" and select some file name to use for
logging.  I use D:\Home\JavaWS.txt ... but anything should work.

That way, if you continue to have problems, you can send me a copy of that log
file and it should contain some error messages that may help to pinpoint the
problem ... 

Good luck,


p.s. If you are behind a firewall, what I have suggested may not help ...

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