unable to access remote coral ..

Mike Bell mbell at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Mar 1 14:00:09 PST 2001


We are anxious to give you a hand with the problem, but need more information
about the specific platform, OS etc.
Please call me a t 650 725-9503 or send me a number where you can be reached.



Sunil Kumar wrote:

> Hi,
> for the last three-four weeks, we have not been able to access the remote
> coral, it always gives the error "cannot access equipment information", this
> is the same error which my colleagues chris (ckenney) and dong (dyu) get
> when they try to connect to remote coral, could you please look into the
> problem and suggest what needs to be done to get it working since its
> creating a lot of problem for us ... (rather its the 40 miles drive which
> scares me .. )
> regards,
> Sunil.

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