Java Web Start launch

Sylvie Haas Sylvie.Haas at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 5 15:14:49 PST 2001


It came to our attention that your application Remote Coral uses Java Web Start.  I am 
the product marketing manager for Java Web Start and I am currently planning its 
marketing launch at Internet World on March 14.

I would like to include you in the list of Java Web Start partners I am building for 
our web site.  Would that be of interest to you and your company?  If you are not the 
right person to deal with these marketing things, can you point me to the right 

Thanks for your support,

Best regards

Sylvie Haas
Sun Microsystems
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Java 2  Platform Standard Edition
(408) 517-6876
sylvie.haas at

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