Remote Access

Bill Murray bmurray at
Wed Mar 7 10:31:19 PST 2001


I would love to see this running under Linux.  I have also had problems
with my Linux box at home, but that's because I'm running 5.2.  What version
of Linux are you running?  Which version of the JDK do you have?


On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Anthony Flannery wrote:

> Just FYI,
> I have tried running Remote Corral on a Linux box, but no go. The box is
> here in CISX 205. Remote Coral does work under WIN98 for the same
> machine. The error I get is the "Equipment Database Unavailable" message
> (or something like that). I sent the error log file.
> I'd really like to have it running under Linux.  Just wanted to let you
> know.
> Tony Flannery

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