Sunray update

Mike Bell mbell at
Tue Mar 13 17:34:41 PST 2001

John & Bill,

Turns out if we disconnect  the fiber from the E3500 and plug it into a
test switch we see traffic both ways. So it doesn't look like a bad
fiber. Then if we plug a short patch cable in the E3500 and to a test
switch located next to it, you see nothing until you giggle the end of
the top cable for a while. Eventually we did get it to start, but only
for a while. My guess is that there is some sort of switch that is
engaged when you push a fiber into the jack on the card. The top one
just doesn't feel right. This is similar to the button on the microvax
3600 problem. While I suspected this as the problem early on without the
spare switch (Jason supplied) it was tough to nail down. If this had
been a 100baseT I could have nailed the problem in a few minutes since
we have a tester. I'll look around a bit for something that will work
with fiber in the event this happens again.

Sun has promised to send someone out - first thing tomorrow.


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