Don't let the Sun go down on me.

Mike Bell mbell at
Wed Mar 14 08:59:44 PST 2001

John and Bill,

Turns out the gigabit card will be flown into our area as none are
locally available. Steve, our Sun FE, will try to give me a time that
the card will get delivered to 420 Via Ortega. He suspects it will take
at least 4 hours. When it arrives I am to page him. Since this is an
open case I can only hope the 4 hour rule doesn't apply! I'll talk to
Tony and Raphael so we can minimize lag time. We can run Coral remote
from PCs in the lab and elsewhere if that gets us anywhere.  I've
noticed that it runs a lot faster without all those pesky lab users.  We
could also produce a form and ask users to submit their time in writing
and we could enter it after the fact. Or not. Last do we want to post a
message on the web site for remote users or even disable remote Coral
since a reservation for today would conflict with our - all on - first
come - first serve situation.


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