remote coral

John Shott shott at
Fri Mar 16 18:17:16 PST 2001


Do you know if it downloaded the file Coral application onto your machine?

If you do a find for "coral" on you machine you should see some files which
the name coral in them buried in some deep directory.  On my machine they are
C:/Program Files/Java Web Start/javaws/cache/ .... and about 3 more
directories down.

If they are there, set up Java Web Start so that it does logging to a local
file: In my case I log to D:/Home/javaws.log ... this can be specified on the
Java Web Start control panel under Preferences/Advanced, I think.

Then try to fire up Coral and either send us the log file or see if it offers
any clues.

Finally, are you doing this from Intel?  Are you behind a firewall?  If so,
there may be the chance that a firewall at your end isn't allowing the
underlying CORBA traffic through.  If you are behind a firewall, do you have
the ability to try remote coral from a location that is not behind a firewall?

I hope this helps,

Let me know what you find.



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