Event Service

Bill Murray bmurray at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Mar 29 08:11:35 PST 2001

John and Mike,

Although there were no errors in any of the logs and everything looked 
great on rosen, there had not be any events posted since around midnight
last night.  As I checked the other logs, it became clear that lots of
events should have been posted during that time period.  Although the
event server appeared to be working fine, I don't think it was.  So I
restarted all.  

I have saved the logs in /var/log/labnet/lastlog.   I can see from the event
server log that the server was still up and running at 7:15 am this morning
because of this entry:

Service queue thread: ConcurrentModificationException.
2001-03-29 07:15:36-->
The service queue has been modified.
Will try to service again in 100 milliseconds.

This is wierd.  Memory use also looked fine.  It doesn't appear to be 
a network problem because enables were being logged by the hardware
manager during this time period.  I'm puzzled.


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