Database tables ...

John Shott shott at
Tue Nov 6 16:14:45 PST 2001

Bill and Mike

I've left a listing of current set of Oracle tables that we currently use (or,
in some cases, don't yet use) under your respective doors.  In particular, I'm
trying to sort out which need to be manually generated (presumably from a
tab-separated file), which are generated by one of the clients (normally, the
ResourceClient), which once are automatically generated once in use (most of
them) and which ones are not yet used ...

I'd appreciate it if you'd look this over when there is a break in the action
... it doesn't have to be quickly because I think that I now know enough to
give Mark Rogosky some more information.

It looks like there are a total of 10 manually generated files:  5 related to
accounting rates (acct_rate, eq_rate, inventory_rate, res_rate, and
staff_rate) and 5 related to equipment (equipment, eq_affiliation,
eq_hierarchy, requires, uses).

Another 5 are generated "on the fly" by the resource client: (member, project,
account, works_on, charges_to) and one is generated by the equipment client

Roughly 30 tables are generated automatically .... in particular the
*_activity, *_history, and the summary tables *_sum (note: this also includes
a variety of the old_* tables that we don't actually use ... but when we do
they will be automatically populated by whatever approach we use to copying
current stuff into "cold storage".

There are about 15 tables that we don't use yet: This includes some of the
group stuff, the is_account_admin class, parameters, places, and things. It
probably also includes a couple of things that we have currently hardwired but
should probably be moved to the database including event, evnet_hierarchy, and

I'm going to send Mark Rogosky a bit of an update ... and let him know that we
are going to send him a set of excel files with our current data for the files
that he will need to begin to manually update ....

Talk to you later,


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