Postgres update ....

John Shott shott at
Tue Nov 6 16:34:13 PST 2001


While Bill and Mike are putting some of the finishing touches on the resource
client/server and the admin server, I've begun to play around with postgres. 
I've got it installed on one of our solaris boxes and on a linux machine.

I've also begun to work with the perl module called Ora2Pg that claims to be
able to extract table structure from an Oracle database and generate the
proper Postgres compliant SQL to create the same table structure in Postgres. 
The output files that I'm generating look pretty reasonable ... although I
haven't actually tried to use them to generate tables in postgres.  I'm still
trying to learn a bit more about properly setting up users, permissions, and
table spaces.

As soon as I can generate some tables out here, I will send you a total of
about 10 Excel files that are related to how you wish to set up your lab: 5 of
them are database tables related to equipment and are named equipment,
eq_hierarchy, eq_affiliation, requires, and uses.  equipment will include
equipment names, descriptions, whether it is interlocked or not, and a handful
of other parameters.  Eq_hierarchy basically generates the structure of how
you want to group your equipment in Coral ... we use functional areas like
"Photolithography", "Dry Etching", "Wet Benches" but other places might wan't
to do it by room.  Eq_affiliation basically assigns each piece of equipment to
a place in the hierarchy.

"Requires" and "uses" are facilities tables ... we actually list facilities
such as house vacuum, DI water, etc. as pieces of equipment that can be up or
down.  Requires and uses determine whether a piece of "real" equipment
actually requires or uses a particular facility.

We also have about 5 tables named things like eq_rate, staff_rate, res_rate,
inventory_rate, and acct_rate that contain some of our accounting rules for
equipment use, staff charges, etc.  If you don't charge for reservations ...
you don't need much there.  At the moment, coral doesn't have an inventory
client/server so you probably don't need that table either.

Most of the other stuff that you need to run is either stored in a handful of
configuration files or is added by the resource client ... in particular
members, projects, and accounts are added by the resource client as well as
the relation of which member works on which project and which project charges
to which account.  Those tables are called, surprisingly, works_on and
charges_to, and the resource client is also in charge ot adding, removing, and
changing those privileges.

So, I hope that gives you an update on what is going on here.

The only fly in the ointment is that I have to attend the NNUN annual meeting
in Santa Barbara on Thursday and Friday ... and then I will be on vacation
next week.

However, I'm making some progres on the Postgres front and Bill and Mike are
really getting the real guts of the system ready to go.

Talk to you soon,


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