Update ...

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Nov 12 09:50:33 PST 2001

Bill and Mike:

I've received the Zelix KlassMaster stuff ... it is currently in the directory
/app/solaris/2.6/zkm.  Apparently, to use it we need to make sure that ZKM.jar
in that directory (or otherwhere it we move it) is specifically mentioned in
the classpath when we want to use obfuscation ...

I've also downloaded but not installed the j2se 1.4 beta 3 stuff.  It is in my
directly as ~shott/j2sdk-1_4_0-beta3-solsparc.tar.Z.

I've checked that, for once, we've got all of the proper patches installed.

This is the "packages", rather than the self-extacting binary. I've printed
out a copy of the installation instructions ... basically, its a matter of
extracting the *.tar.X file that creates the packages in the current
directory. Then, you uninnstall the existing packages and then install the new
packages .... I think that it only takes 15 minutes or so.  (Note: after
installation, assuming that it is installed in /usr/j2se ... you will ahve to
move /usr/j2se/jre/jce.jar to somethlng like /usr/j2se/jre/jce.jar.ignore to
"uninstall" the jce stuff ...).  There should be no Makefile or other changes
required to begin to use the beta 3 version.

Final note: of course, this needs to be done on all machines wherre we hope to
use beta 3 ... rosen, guilden, sunray, and bopeep, I think.

I hope this helps ...


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