Bill Murray bmurray at
Sat Nov 17 17:59:33 PST 2001


I have compiled all and briefly attempted to test.  I have a bug which
prevents the development servers on guilden from running.  I don't think
it's major, but I don't have time to run it down until I return from
vacation.  For this reason, I have not checked in my changes.  I'll do
this when I return and it's all running properly.  Mike's changes are
checked in and all my code which he uses has been checked in for some time.
If you want to take a look at those changes or run the development servers,
you will need to check out the latest version from the repository and install
on guilden.  I apologize for leaving a non-functional development version,
but it should be quick to get back to a working version.  

However, I was prudent enough not to touch the production servers.  I did
restart the servers last night after 31 days running.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

I'm heading off to Carmel.  I won't have access to email.  However, you
can reach me at the house I'm renting (831) 626-3773.


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