Installation of j2se 1.4 beta 3 ...

John Shott shott at
Sun Nov 18 11:56:50 PST 2001

Bill and Mike:

Now that I'm back and you guys are away ... have a good Thanksgiving.

I'll probably send out a few messages during the week to keep you apprised of
things ... but none of them are urgent.  But, for the record, here is what
I've done to install 1.4 beta 3 on guilden, bopeep, rosen, and sunray.  I've
installed them ... and made sure that the production clients on sunray still
work, even though I didn't restart the production servers ...

1. I downloaded the "package" version into my home directory.

2. I uncompressed it with:
	zcat j2sdk-1_4_0-beta3-solsparc.tar.Z | tar -xf -
which creates a handful of directories called SUNWj3rt, SUNWj3dev, etc.

3. Then I become root and "cd ~shott".

4. Then I remove the installed versions with:
	pkgrm SUNWj3dmo SUNWj3man SUNWj2dev SUNWj3rt
(note: on bopeep, because of disk space limitations, the SUNWj3dmo (demo
stuff) isn't installed, so I omit it from the list).

5. Then I install the new stuff with:
	pkgadd -d . SUNWj3rt SUNWj3dev SUNWj3man SUNWj3dmo
(Note: on bopeep, I don't install the SUNWj3dmo stuff, either ...)
(Second note: on guilden the command is slightly modified:
	pkgadd -a basedir_ask -d . SUNWj3rt SUNWj3dev SUNWj3man SUNWj3dmo
This is becuase /usr is pretty full and the default installation is /usr/j2se
The "-a basedir_ask" asks where you want to install it.  On guilden only, I
anwser "/app" which installs everything as /app/j2se instead of the default
/usr/j2se ... then there is a link on guilden that points /usr/j2se to
/app/j2se so that all machines thing that java in in the same place.

6. Finally, we need to disable the JCE stuff.  This is done, still as root,
	cd /usr/j2se/jre/lib
	mv jce.jar jce.jar.ignore
(In other words, I make sure that the jce.jar stuff "is invisible" when you
start up java).


Have a good week ...


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