Coral Maintenance Client ...

John Shott shott at
Mon Nov 19 10:21:19 PST 2001

Vicky, Duane, and Tom:

I hope that you are now able to fully exercise the shutdown/problem,
enable/disable and clear shutdown/clear problem capabilities of coral using
the equipment named bottlewash.  If problems persist, let me know and I will
resolve them.

Let me also say that we are aware that the maintenance client ... where you go
to see and clear problems and shutdows ... is probably the weakest point in
Coral.  In particular, you only see the subject line of a problem/shutdown in
the client and there isn't the capability to double-click on that to see the
full text of the message.  We are certainly aware of those deficiencies and
certainly plan to fix those deficiencies ... but have had other, more
important, matters that have received our attention.  Part of the reason that
we have been able to get away with this is that we do have a Web-accessible
set of archives of all of our equipment-related mailing lists.  If you want to
check that out, it is at:

There you see that each piece of equipment has two mailing lists: one that is
labelled "Discussion List" and one that is called "Equip Archive".  These
correspond to the two mailing lists that we have for each piece of equipment:
equip at and equip-pcs at (where the "-pcs" stands
for Problems/Comments/Shutdowns) for every piece of equipment in the lab.  In
other words, we have mailing lists named karlsuss at and
karlsuss-pcs at for our Karl Suss MA-6 double-sided aligner,
etc.  In general, only the people in charge of maintenance of equipment are on
the *-pcs mailing list: In other words, the engineer and the maintenance staff
get the equip-pcs messages for each piece of equipment for which they are the
maintenance or engineer.  The equip at is for more general
announcements, changes in policy, etc.  For example, all people qualified to
use (or any "higher" level of capability such as instructor, process,
maintenance, or engineer) are on the karlsus at for our Karl
Suss double sided aligner.

While the existense of these archives at least partially obviates the urgent
need for the maintenance client to display the full text of problems,
shutdowns, and their resolutions, if you check out some of the "Equip Arvhive"
messages (and their resolution), you will find that we have a hard time
getting our labmembers to report detailed symptoms of problem and shutdown
conditions and, more disturbingly, our staff often writes very terse messages
when they resolve a problem such as the dreaded, one-word resolution message:
"Fixed".  We had certainly hoped that these archives would become a repository
of previous problems and their resolution and that they would include more
detailed discussion of what the problem was, how something was resolved, etc.
so that it could become a resource to be used the next time a similar problem
occurs ... particularly if it was a new staff member inheriting a piece of
equipment.  Of course, that is more of a management failure, as opposed to a
technical deficiency, that we can't seem to get our staff to do a
comprehensive job of using these e-mail archives to log specifics of what they
found, what they fixed, etc.

In any event, let me know if you have any further problems in terms of
exercising the "bottlewash" equipment.



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