new coral seems to work

John Shott shott at
Mon Oct 1 13:02:20 PDT 2001


Thanks for the feedback ... if you have the time, there are a couple of other
things that we would like to check out.  In particular, we'd still like to see
the log file from that session.  Also, we've got a suspicion that while you
can now login, make reservations, etc., that you are actually not getting
properly notified of "events" initiated by other folks (such as reservations
that they make, changes in shutdown status, etc.)  While this may not be a
great problem since, we suspect, most people login to remote coral (at which
time you do get current status, reservations, etc.) make a reservation, check
the status, and then log off.  However, we would like to run a test with a
remote user behind a firewall where we have you on the phone at the time that
we make a reservation here and see if you actually get notified of that



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