Making stored procedures ....

John Shott shott at
Wed Oct 3 17:26:28 PDT 2001

Bill and Mike:

I think that I've updated the repository so that there are "new and improved"
makefiles in labnet/accounting/billing and in labnet/activity/billing that
will check for a site-specific version and make the proper one.  It also
generates a log file for each generated procedure ... that date on that will
determine whether it needs to be re-made next time.  Also, these makefiles
don't include the passwords for accmgr and actmgr.  As a result if you type
"make" it will type out what it is about to do ... but then you need to type
in the appropriate password for each of the stored procedures that it is
trying to process.

Note: I've also added a bunch of COMMIT WORK statements to the
nnun_summary_source.sql and equipment_summary_source.sql procedures.

Hopefully, this will make things easier for everyone.



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