Fix for "fat" JTextFields in resource client.

John Shott shott at
Wed Oct 17 17:52:28 PDT 2001

Bill and Mike:

I've made some modifications that, I think, eleminate the problem of the
"bloated" JTextFields that show up on the edit/add windows of the member,
project, and account stuff (particularly the project and account that only
have 4-6 lines of text that fit into that fairly tall window.

All changes are confined to the resource client ... specifically the files
named and

I have checked them into CVS, so please update your working files.

Basically, the "2xn" GridLayout expands to fill the window ... if nothing else
is done.  So, I added that GridLayout to a vertical BoxLayout that contains
the GridLayout and some glue.  Finally, I told it that the GridLayout can't be
any bigger than its preferredSize ... in other words, it's not allowed to
stretch vertically.

While this may not be the perfect solution, it, hopefully, eliminates the
funny-looing white spaces.



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