Comment metalica 2001-09-04 16:09:21: New Log Sheets

John Shott shott at
Tue Sep 4 16:22:47 PDT 2001


Let me clarify what some of the mailing lists for equipment are and who gets
the messages:

Each piece of equipment has 2 mailing lists: one called
machine_name at and one called machine_name-pcs at
(where the -pcs stands for "Problems, Comments, and Shutdowns").

In the case of metalica ... all of the people who are on the qualified user
list are on the metalica at snf mailing list, but only the staff (engineering,
process, and maintenance) are on the metalica-pcs mailing list.

At the moment, the parts of the Coral equipment client that handle problems,
shutdowns, and comments only send messages to the "-pcs" mailing list.  In
this case, I don't think this is what you want. You can send this message to
all of the metalica users by simply sending an e-mail message (using whatever
your favorite mail client is) to metalica at

When we have a chance to improve upon the equipment maintenance portion of
coral we may give folks the option of sending out messages to all users in
addition to the equipment folks ... but, for now, the comment message that you
sent didn't go to the folks that, I'm guessing, you had hoped it would.



> Please use new log sheets in lab for the Metalica. In a larger 
> green binder. The old binder has been removed from the lab.

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