remote coral from behind a firewall

George Y. McLean gymclean at
Mon Sep 24 16:54:25 PDT 2001


I am running Remote Coral from behind a firewall of sorts, and am happy to
report that Remote Coral seems to be running fine.

For my "firewall" (I hear that packet filtering and address translation
aren't technically firewalling, hence the quotation marks) I'm running Linux
with a kernel version 2.2.something, implementing packet filtering and
network address translation. The machine from which I run Remote Coral is
running Win 98.

Also, in the not-so-distant future I will start using a newer kernel on my
firewall machine, which will allow me to use "netfilter," a more
sophisticated packet filtering scheme. I'll tell you how that works, too.

If you care to know more details or need troubleshooting help, please let me
know.  I appreciate your support of Remote Coral, and would be happy to

George McLean
Optobionics, Co.
gmclean at

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