problems with remote coral

John Shott shott at
Wed Apr 17 17:03:05 PDT 2002


I've got a couple of thoughts:

First, remote coral is never going to run for you until you set a remote
password.  So, the next time that you have a local version of Coral running,
on the leftmost menu item, select "Set Remote Password" and set a remote
password for yourself.  It can be the same as your "normal" coral password, if
you wish, but it has to be set locally before coral can run remotely.

Next, I would suggest:

1. This type of problem often occurs when the Java Web Start cache gets
confused.  The best way to fix this is to start up the Java Web Start
application itself, click on "Remote Coral", the pull down the "Application"
menu and select "Remove Application".
Exit from Java Web Start.

2. Then go to our web site and download a "fresh" copy of Coral.

Let me know if this works,


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