Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Aug 8 16:34:23 PDT 2002

Hello Coral development team --

Claudia Richter (crichter at snf) just called because she was checking
using remote Coral to check the equipment history of various equipment
against her own records.  She says she used tylannitride from about 8-1
yesterday, wbdiff just beforehand, and wbnonmetal the previous day.
None of her "enables" appears at all.  (latta is shown all day for
tylannitride, hector all day for wbdiff, and various other people for
wbnonmetal.)  I've asked around and it seems that a lot of histories are
not quite right.  Is this so? [This is a concern for Claudia (and
possible others) because she uses histories to keep track of her lab



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