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Chen Tze Wee tzewee at
Tue Aug 13 21:45:29 PDT 2002

Dear Officer,
  I am a Stanford student and I stay in a Stanford dorm.
  My coral username is tzewee, and I tried to use Remote Coral. I shutdown my Zonealarm before launching remote Coral, but still I can't make it to run.
  I think I have set a remote password at a Sun workstation in SNF, and I downloaded and installed Webstart a couple of times. I click on Launch Remote Coral and a small pop up window saying "Java Web Start 1.0.1" comes up, and then there is no more of anything.
  I wonder what is the problem. Could the problem be with my remote coral password, that somehow the system does not register?
  Please help. Thanks.

Tze Wee
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