Equipment Name Changes

Bill Murray bmurray at
Fri Jun 7 11:56:20 PDT 2002


I've made the wbsolvent changes and tested all.  Looks good.

Here's the list of tables with the column names which required changes
when I changed an equipment name:

	Table			Attribute

	equipment		name
	eq_affiliation		name
	current_eq		item
	uses			master, slave
	requires		master, slave
	eq_activity		item
	eq_history		item
	problems		item
	shutdowns		item
	comments		item

	reservation		item
	qualify			item
	adjustment		item
	activity		item
	activity_sum		item
	equipment_sum		item
	eq_rate			name
	res_rate		name
	staff_activity		item
	training		item



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