[Fwd: Wet Bench CORAL improvements] (fwd)

Bill Murray bmurray at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Jun 7 13:47:36 PDT 2002


Have you made these changes?  At the time I made the other changes, I wasn't
aware that this might need to be done also.  Would you like me to change
cardnumber to 0, channel to 12, and interlocked to 1 for wbsolvent?  I will
need to restart the servers for this to take effect.


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Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 13:31:06 -0700
From: Uli Thumser <uli at snf.stanford.edu>
To: bmurray <bmurray at Stanford.EDU>
Subject: [Fwd: Wet Bench CORAL improvements]

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Subject: Wet Bench CORAL improvements
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 13:31:13 -0700
From: Len Booth <booth at snf.stanford.edu>
To: shott at snf.stanford.edu
CC: uli at snf.stanford.edu

John -
        I have installed a new interlock box
on the WBgaassol solvent bench (as per Uli).
Rack 13 had no unused CORAL receptacles, but
since the Spectrum is unused, I ran the phone
cord for the WBgaassol to the port for Spectrum.
The Walker port should be  Card# 0, Channel# 12

Uli & Mahnaz have agreed that the name for this
bench should be changed from wbgaassol to wbsolvent

Could you please make the CORAL table entries
that are needed to change the name spectrum
to wbsolvent?  

If you can let me know when you have made the
changes, I'll double check that everything is
working as expected.

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