StarOffice on atu?

John Shott shott at
Mon Jun 10 15:11:59 PDT 2002

Mike and Bill:

I'm in the process of trying to install StarOffice 6.0 on atu ... StarOffice
only runs on Solaris 7 and newer (well, it runs on Linux and windows too ...
but not on Solaris 2.6).

I think that I've got the server part installed, but need to have my home
directory mounted (it looks like it assumes that we will all have /home/Devel/
mounted.  However, I notice that there is /home/Devel/oracle (that isn't
mounted from elsewhere) that contains some of the log files from the oracle
install on atu.

On rosen and friends, there is /home/Devel/oracle that is the home directory
for the rosen oracle install.  Rather than blindly mounting /home/Devel onto
atu ... and, I think, overwriting this stuff ... I figured I'd check it out.



p.s. The reason that I'm interested in this is that StarOffice now has a JDBC
interface to databases.  It also, although I haven't yet seen it, has a Java
API.  I'm looking at this because it may be the "poor man's" Actuate ...

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