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Bill Murray bmurray at
Fri Jun 21 14:45:29 PDT 2002


I belive that Mike and I have fixed all the network problems on atu and snf.

The servers are now running and able to find the IOR at

See my comments below regarding the problems you identified.


On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, John Shott wrote:

> Bill and Mike:
> Related to atu and getting to it ...
> If I do a "traceroute atu" or "traceroute" from snf,
> it finds it immediately.
> However if I do a "traceroute" (also from snf) it tries to go
> to ... and then hangs.  It seems as if from snf it
> should never have had to go to quad-rtr.  Does this mean that our switch is
> improperly configured?

This problem was due to the netmask not being set correctly on snf.
Since Jason assigned us an ip address for atu on the "101" network
(, snf attempted to go out the quad-rtr to find atu.
We changed the netmask from to so that snf
was aware that and were on the same segment.

To resolve the problem we were having getting to the IOR via, we had to modify /etc/defaultrouter on atu to
include the following

> As long as we are looking at things, it also appears that the named stuff on
> snf doesn't know about ... which it probably needs
> to do shortly.

We're trying to resolve a problem with sunstar's ip address.  The university's
dns servers don't recognize the ip Jason assigned us.  Mike's talking with
Jason about this at the moment.

Mike and Bill

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