Network fiber problem appears to be OK ... at least for now.

John Shott shott at
Sat Jun 22 16:22:50 PDT 2002

Mike, Bill, Mary, and Jason:

I believe that the fiber connection is back and that the Sunrays are back

We seem to have 2 fiber interfaces on our 3900 switch ... and only had one
pair of fibers plugged in in the fingerwall.

What I did was ... unplug and replug the fiber in the "main" interface (which
is the leftmost fiber pair as seen from the back of the 3900 (if one could
actually get behind the 3900 ...)

Then I was that there was a second labelled pair ... and plugged them into the
next (to the right) fiber port.

By the time I could get out of the fingerwall, the SunRays were back up.  So,
I don't know exactly whether the first fiber had failed, the first interface
had failed, or there was simply "iffy" optical contact in the first fiber ...
in other words, adding the second fiber may have done nothing.

Since I am not "Mr Fiber" I don't propose to do any further diagnostics but we
should probably take a look on Monday to see if we are "hanging by a thread"
... I know, bad choice of words for a fiber optic problem.

Since we are on the verge of firing up Sunstar (which gives us server
redundancy), we should probably look at our fiber/switch situation to see if
we can eliminate singe points of failure.

But, at least we seem to be alive ... Coral-wise.

Have a good weekend,


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