Servers restarting at PSU ... need sudo

John Shott shott at
Tue Jun 25 09:34:01 PDT 2002

Bill, Mike and Mike:

In looking at the log files of the servers at Penn State, it appears as if one
of the servers died, AgentMonitor detected it, but was unable to restart them
because "sudo" isn't installed and configured.

This is my fault for having failed to tell Mike Rogosky that we need sudo. 
Mike, if you are familiar with it, sudo (which basically stands for "super
user do") is a program that allows you to give limited access to certain
people to do things that, normally, only root (or some other special
privileged person can do) ...  In coral, we use if for 2 things:

1. We have some scripts that set up new user accounts (unix accounts, that
is), changed passwords, set up mailforwarding ... we allow our administrative
types to run these scripts that normally only root can run.

2. Coral normally is started by "servers start" or "servers restart" that, in
turn, calls "server_start" for each individual server.  Normally, only root
can start the servers ... However, we use sudo so that user "admin" can
restart the servers when it detects a problem.  For convenience, it probably
also makes sense for you (and maybe Guy?) to be set up so that you can restart
them as you, without having to be root.

If it is OK with you, Mike, I'll go ahead and setup sudo on platinum2 ... it
will likely be installed in /usr/local/bin/sudo.



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