Servers restarting at PSU ... need sudo

Michael Rogosky mrogosky at
Tue Jun 25 10:37:21 PDT 2002


I am familiar with sudo.  Thank you for offering to install it!  Go ahead an do it and just let me know where the config file is in case I need to add to it in the future.


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> Subject: Servers restarting at PSU ... need sudo
> Bill, Mike and Mike:
> In looking at the log files of the servers at Penn State, it 
> appears as if one
> of the servers died, AgentMonitor detected it, but was unable 
> to restart them
> because "sudo" isn't installed and configured.
> This is my fault for having failed to tell Mike Rogosky that 
> we need sudo. 
> Mike, if you are familiar with it, sudo (which basically 
> stands for "super
> user do") is a program that allows you to give limited access 
> to certain
> people to do things that, normally, only root (or some other special
> privileged person can do) ...  In coral, we use if for 2 things:
> 1. We have some scripts that set up new user accounts (unix 
> accounts, that
> is), changed passwords, set up mailforwarding ... we allow 
> our administrative
> types to run these scripts that normally only root can run.
> 2. Coral normally is started by "servers start" or "servers 
> restart" that, in
> turn, calls "server_start" for each individual server.  
> Normally, only root
> can start the servers ... However, we use sudo so that user 
> "admin" can
> restart the servers when it detects a problem.  For 
> convenience, it probably
> also makes sense for you (and maybe Guy?) to be set up so 
> that you can restart
> them as you, without having to be root.
> If it is OK with you, Mike, I'll go ahead and setup sudo on 
> platinum2 ... it
> will likely be installed in /usr/local/bin/sudo.
> Thanks,
> John

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