July 17 Conference

Bill Murray bmurray at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Jun 27 10:06:00 PDT 2002

John and Mike,

I was hoping to divide up the agenda items so that at least one of us 
would be assigned to each of the topics to make sure we stay on track.
Here's the latest agenda with tentative assignments.  Is this ok?


			Proposed Agenda Topics

-Demo of MIT's Recipe Manager prototype written by Jeff Klann.  This will
 give UCB an opportunity to review and make comments and suggestions.  
 The developers will need some time to discuss the best strategy for
 integrating this work with the existing system. (Bill)

-Demo of MIT's Equipment Status client written by Ike Lin.  Can we
 integrate this functionality with an improved Maintenance client and
 also begin to add some of the features of the Faults system at UCB?

-How can our architecture evolve to accommodate the use of new technologies
 like "Web Services"?  Technology continues to change and improve.  How
 can we take advantage of the new tools available in the marketplace?  I
 have been discussing these issues with Firenc at UCB over the last couple
 of months.  I hope he will be able to join us and share his thoughts.

-Review each site's prioritized list of Coral enhancements and modifications.

-Coral Development Process.  Is there a methodology that will work for us?
 Mike Bell will review our choice of IDE and UML tools.  (Mike)

-Review the status of Coral installations at other sites: Penn State,
 the University of Minnesota, UCLA, the University of Arkansas, ...
 (John Shott)

-Review Mike Bell's proposed architecture for the new Inventory module.

-microCoral: Coral on a PDA? (Bill)

-Walker Boxes and Equipment Control Cards.  We would like to place a
 large order with Dr. Walker for boxes and cards.  If anyone anticipates
 needing additional hardware over the next year, now would be the time
 to place that order.  Bring your list. (John)

Bill Murray


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