Coral Servers Running!!!!

Bill Murray bmurray at
Sun Mar 3 00:38:26 PST 2002


All the servers are up on spf and appear to be running great.  Of course,
I cannot run the client from home since spf is behind the firewall.  All
the remaining problems were configuration problems.  No problems at all
with PostgreSQL.

We may need to make some changes to the kernel on spf to support Coral
and the JVM.  I have a list of the recommended kernel changes in my

You can give the clients a try when you're ready.  I believe I have set up properly.

Here's a list of the final adjustments I had to make to get everything

The problem with multiple status records was a side-effect of loading
data from the status table on rosen.  Once I deleted all the status
records loaded from rosen, the admmgr created correct ones.

Since Apache is configured with a document directory of /var/www/html
I made a symbolic link there to the AdminServerIOR as follows:
ln -s /home/labnet/share/IOR/AdminServerIOR AdminServerIOR

Also, the httpd was not being started when spf booted so I manually 
started httpd.

I created the required directories in /etc/coral as follows:
(One could do the chmod and chown recursively, but I needed the practice

[root at spf etc]# pwd
[root at spf etc]# mkdir coral
[root at spf etc]# chmod 770 coral
[root at spf etc]# chown auth coral
[root at spf etc]# cd coral
[root at spf coral]# mkdir certs
[root at spf coral]# mkdir private
[root at spf coral]# chmod 770 *
[root at spf coral]# chown auth *
[root at spf coral]# cd private
[root at spf private]# mkdir shadow
[root at spf private]# chmod 770 shadow
[root at spf private]# chown auth shadow

Once these directories were created, the athmgr properly noted that 
the private key file could not be found and generated a new public/private 
key pair.

Finally, I tried to do a "make remote-install".   Got the following error:

[root at spf labnet]# make remote-install
/app/jdk/bin/java -DFILEOUT=/var/log/labnet/zkm/ZKMConversions.log \
        -DJAR_FILE_IN=lib/coral.jar -DSAVE_DIR=lib/obfuscated -DZKM_JAR=/app/solaris/2.6/zkm/ZKM.jar \
        -classpath /app/solaris/2.6/zkm/ZKM.jar ZKM -v \
        -l /var/log/labnet/zkm/ZKM.log config/script_zkm.txt
make: /app/jdk/bin/java: Command not found
make: *** [lib/obfuscated/coral.jar] Error 127

I modified the Makefile to use $(JDK_BIN) instead of /app/jkd/bin.  I can't
check this in because I have too many changes to the Makefile that shouldn't
go in the repository.

Next error:

FATAL ERROR: Invalid classpath in "classpath" statement at line 7 : /usr/j2se/jre/lib/rt.jar is not a valid path.

I think I'm too tired to find this one.  It looks like we still have a few
minor issues left before we can do a remote-install like the error above.
Also, we may have difficulty signing our jars related to the keystore

I also noticed that when the athmgr created the private key in .keystore,
the .keystore was world-readable.  Please remind me to modify the code
to set the permissions properly because other schools won't even know
the file exists.  I went ahead and changed the permissions manually on
the spf copy.

Good night,

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