Latest Theory

Bill Murray bmurray at
Mon Mar 4 01:11:28 PST 2002


Remote users have been able to access Coral until I restarted the servers
a few minutes ago.  However, local users lost access to coral around 12:36
this afternoon.  I've spent the last few hours looking at the database
tables and logs before I restarted the servers.  

Without going into all the details, I believe that the admin manager's
JDBC connection to the database hung at about 12:30pm today.  Since 
each manager has a single JDBC connection to the database, this ultimately
results in the failure of the manager.  I need to find a way to confirm
my hypothesis.  Then I can evaluate the two possible solutions.  We
could use a connection pool which presents some tricky technical issues
in our architecture.  Or we could consider options for periodically
opening a new connection to the database or attempting to detect 
connection failures and opening a new connection.

I'll sleep on this one and talk to you in the morning.


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