CVS user/password

Bill Murray bmurray at
Tue Mar 5 13:59:34 PST 2002


That's no problem.  I'll set up accounts for both of you.  (Ask Tom if he
would like his own account also.)  For read-only access, we are using CVS
password authentication.  For write-access, we are using SSH which requires
the developer to have a Unix account on the machine where the repository
resides and write access to the files.  Until we create some new groups
and resolve permission issues on our repository machine, I'll give you
read-access using CVS password authentication.  Since the CVS password 
authentication is weak anyway, why don't you call my voice mail box and 
leave your login names and passords at 650-725-3639?  (Clearly you don't 
want to choose a password you're using for anything sensitive elsewhere.)

I'll set up your accounts immediately and email you when they're ready.
Here are brief notes on how to get going (which I believe should answer
all your questions).

1) Make sure that cvs is installed on your machine.

2) Set the CVSROOT environment variable.  Depending on your shell,
   something like this:

   export CVSROOT=:pserver:your_login_name at

3) At the prompt, type "cvs login".  You will be prompted for the password.
   (You will only need to type cvs login the first time, then the password 
    is stored insecurely on your machine.)

4) cd to the directory where you want to place the Coral source.
   Then type "cvs checkout labnet".  This will checkout a complete
   copy of the source repository by creating a directory named "labnet"
   in the current directory.  This will be the most current version of
   the source.

5) In the future, when you wish to get updates, you can get the latest
   code in the repository by typing "cvs update -d".

If you have any problems or questions, give me a call at (650) 725-3639.


On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Ike Lin wrote:

> Bill,
> Can you setup such that both Jeff and I can access the CVS repository at 
> Stanford?  It would be nice if we can both have our own account (so you'll 
> know who's messing with your code :P).  If that's too much trouble, at 
> least give us the account that Tom has.  We need (or for you to confirm) 
> the following information :
> 1. is CVSROOT ":pserver:coral at"?
> 2. What authentication are we using? ".rhost" file or "passwd" file or SSH 
> server?
> 3. module name
> 4. user id/password
> Thanks,
> Ike

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