Coral Servers Restarted

Bill Murray bmurray at
Fri Mar 8 22:48:54 PST 2002


The admin server hung at about 9:17pm this evening.  We had been quite
busy with 22,300 transactions in less than 34 hours.  It still appears
that the JDBC driver is hanging after a large number of transactions.
Based on three failures so far that number has been 24000, 46037, and
22300.  Fortunately, I noticed the problem before members had been locked
out for long and restarted the servers.

Although I did not find any JDBC book that was recent enough or comprehensive
enough at the Stanford Bookstore, I did find a nice O'Reilly book on
PostgreSQL.  I'm still looking at the on-line JDBC spec and considering our
options.  At this point, I think the best approach may be to continue
to store all booleans as integers (0 or 1) in the database.  This will
allow us to keep attribute types and stored procedures/functions consistent
across databases.  I believe it will require a few lines of change in one 
class, and this code will then work with any database that has a JDBC driver 
regardless of how they choose to store booleans.  (Basically, we will aim for 
the lowest common denominator (Oracle) by forcing all booleans to be stored 
as integer zeros or ones.)


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