Bill Murray bmurray at
Tue Mar 12 16:30:34 PST 2002


I'm still working on the code to reset the JDBC connection.  I'm close
to finishing and should have it installed tonight.  As usual, it's a 
little trickier than I anticipated.  As soon as I finish this, I'll return
to the kernel installation on spf.  The "make install" appears to be
failing because it can't find lilo.conf which I suspect is related to
the fact that we're using GRUB.  Will try to get this done tonight cause
I'm afraid that Mahnaz's machine will take up most of tomorrow.  The setup
shouldn't take long.  Since there's appears to be corruption (due to a
virus?), I only want to move the things she needs to the new machine.
This may take some time.


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