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John Shott shott at
Wed Mar 13 08:25:04 PST 2002


That is excellent news ... do you think that it still makes sense to insall
the new JDBC driver?  OR do you want to do some testing with the otiginal one?

I think that I've finished with a number of the Makefile changes.  Included

1. I've got it setup so that it will now copy (using rysnc) the appropriate
client stuff to anything defined as a SLAVE ... in production, rosen is the
MASTER and sunray (and soon sunstar) will be slaves.  In other words, the
master runs both clients and servers and the slave only runs clients.

2. It will also (again using rysnc) install the remote stuff in the proper
location when you say "make remote-install".

3. We can now run multiple development machines ... each with a separate
For example, I currently have guilden as MASTER and bopeep as slave as a
development version with a suffix of "-dev".  Then I also have set up so that
spf is a master and shott is a slave with another development version known as
"-linux".  In these cases, an install sets up all of its jar files as
*-dev.jar, its conf file as *-dev.conf etc.
Also, its "scripts" such as servers, server_start, and coral are installed as
servers-dev, coral-dev, etc.  If a machine does not have a production version
running on it then there is a link made so that servers points to servers-dev,

So, when you get in and have a chance, maybe we can get this stuff tested and
committed in the repository.  My guess is that there are a handful of
Makefiles that you have adjusted so we'll need to be careful to get a proper
set installed.

Talk to you later,


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