Minor wafersaw anomoly

Bill Murray bmurray at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Mar 13 19:11:19 PST 2002


You won the lottery.  Like a blue moon, this bug can only be see on very
rare occassions.  You couldn't see it yesterday and you wouldn't be able
to see it tomorrow.  However, John and I were able to track it down and
fix it.  Unfortunately, you will only be able to see the fix if you look
at history before midnight tonight cause this bug disappears then.

Thanks for pointing this out,
John and Bill

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Mary Tang wrote:

> Hello Coral development team --
> This is weird.  I'm trying to get the history of the wafersaw, and it's
> largely blank, at least for the past week.  But I know for certain that
> it's been getting a lot of use these days -- I enabled it yesterday to
> train people.  Am I totally clueless?  (I'm trying to find out who used
> it before 'dong' -- it's someone with a wrist of iron...  I'm going to
> contact the people who had it reserved, presuming they are most likely
> to have recently used it.)
> Just wanted to share my weird experience with you --
> Mary
> --
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