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John Shott shott at
Tue Mar 19 14:00:04 PST 2002


In general, we don't want people manually subscribing/unsubscribing on their
own to our mailing list.  There are several reasons for this:

1. Some people, even though they are still active users, would unsubscribe to
reduce the volume of what they perceive to be "junk" mail ... we don't want
people to be albe to do this and assume that if they are qualified on a piece
of equipment that they recieve and read their e-mail.

2. Usually, when people ask to be removed from all mailing lists they mean
"I've left the lab ...".  When I remove someone from all lists (I've got a
script to do this ...) I also "deactivate" them which removes them from the
list of currently active users.  While this could be better automated ... and
we should probably also explicilty terminate their qualification on all pieces
of equipment, this is the only way that we currently avoid having an ever
increasing list of "active" users.

3. We currently assume that all e-mail should be sent to
member_name at ... and that if they have mail_forwarding to
some_other_name at your_company_name_here, then that is controlled by having
their e-mail forwarding controlled in only one location.  In particular, even
if they change their e-mail forwarding location, we don't have to change any
of their e-mail subscriptions because sending it to
member_name at will get it to the proper location ... assuming,
of course, that they have changed their mail forwarding address.  For this
reason, we don't want people to be able to manually subscribe to lists because
we don't want to incur the support of a bunch of non-snf e-mail addresses.

So, the best procedure is to send me e-mail of who needs to be unsubscribed
... and I will both unsubscribe them and deactivate their membership.

I hope this helps,


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