Bill Murray bmurray at
Tue Mar 19 15:48:37 PST 2002

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, John Shott wrote:

> Bill:
> That is great news!!! ... is the condition that you were looking for a case
> where the enterLab: looking up ... and the enterLab: adding current log
> entries were separated by other thread activity?

That's correct.  It was very similar to the first bug I fixed.  It was
another situation where I was synchronizing on the wrong object, in this 
case a PreparedStatement, for a very brief moment instead of synchronizing 
on the sql Connection.  So it took just the right sequence of events to 
cause the problem.  

> Also, I notice that we are at a total of something like 6500 transactions ...
> this seems like a lower number than we were seeing previously, but, it
> appears, as if the various heartbeat frequencies haven't changed.  Is my
> "mental calibration" scale simply off.

This is considerably lower.  I was incorrect in assuming that the problem
was related to the number of transactions.  It's really most closely related
to load.  Basically we needed a local client to register and call enterLab
while another thread had the database locked.  That happened three times
on Friday.  Although Friday was a bad day, the logs provided me with enough
information to find a bug.  It's definitely a bug, and I'm pretty sure it's
*the* bug.


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