Rsync problems ...

John Shott shott at
Sat Mar 23 16:47:44 PST 2002

Bill and Mike:

I think that I know why we are having problems with rysnc on guilden and
believe that it is related to not having things set up there properly.  It
complains about not finding a run-time library (, I think).  I had
previously installed some utilities that, I think, included this library.

Initially, I thought that the problem was with the environment variable
LD_LIBRARY_PATH ... while I sort of know that this gave the search sequence
for various libraries, etc, I'd never really felt confident of how to set it.

However, it turns out .... you guys may have already known this ... that the
use of LD_LIBRARY_PATH is frowned upon (although still supported) in Solaris
8.  Why? As near as I can tell, because Solaris 8 seems to support for 32- and
64-bit applications as well as secure applications which, apparently, need
different libraries, etc.

So the use of LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable has been replace with something called
"crle" ... which stands for "configure runtime linking environment" and would
have a file called /var/ld/ld.config as the default for 32-bit applications
and /var/ld/64/ld.config for 64-bit applications.  It appears as if these
don't exist on guilden ... you'd think that it would be set up with some
default initial configuration, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

So, I'm pretty certain that our rysnc problems have nothing to do with
different versions of rsync on different machine ... and more to do with not
having guilden set up to look in the proper places.  Mike, I'm wondering
whether this is related to the gcc problems that you are seeing on atu?

Now, while I think I know the problem, I have yet to find the "crle for
dummies" article that tells me how to set this up for most things ... the man
page gives some clues, but I'd feel better if I could find something that is a
little more comprehensive.

I'll try to find more a more expert source of information as to how to do this
... but if you folks have a pointer to this, I'm all ears.

Thanks, have fun at Java One ...


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