Linux/Postgres update ...

John Shott shott at
Tue Mar 26 19:01:50 PST 2002

Bill and Mike:

I hope that things are going well at Java One.

I've made a bit of progress here:

1. rsync now works to/from guilden ... crle problem on guilden.
2. Guilden servers can now connect to the postgres database on spf ... it
turns out
that spf still had a entry on guilden:/etc/hosts (instead of
3. Minor cleanup of makefile stuff.

The resource client exception that results in the "Unmarshaller" problem when
we try to fire up the resource client is definitely more related to the
database than to the server ... even though it is the client that seems to
notice the problem.

Here is what I find ...
1. Client running on bopeep against servers on guilden against the postgres
database on spf ... resource client fails.

2. Change the database from Postgres (on spf) to Oracle (on bopeep) and
everything is fine.

3. Client running on shott against servers on spf against ther oracle database
on bopeep .... everything is fine.

4. Change the database from Oracle (on bopeep) to Postgres (on spf) and the
resource client fails.

What is surprising, however, is the fact that the resource manager seems to
think that it read all of the member/projects/accounts from either Postgres or
Oracle ... but the client seems to develop a problem if that data came from
the Postgres database.

I'm sort of wondering whether the server is getting some sort of twisted
information when it does it's getAllMembers call ... but not twisted enough to
cause it to complain ... but that when it tries to pass it on to the client
that everything is OK.

Wierd ...

Oh well, talk to you soon,


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