Linux/Postgres update ...

Bill Murray bmurray at
Wed Mar 27 10:06:35 PST 2002


That's interesting.  I think we'll need to put some debugging output in
the servers on spf to track this down.  

JavaOne is great, but the days are long.  Also, I can't get access to 
my mail from the conference.  No ssh.

Talk to you soon,

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, John Shott wrote:

> Bill and Mike:
> I hope that things are going well at Java One.
> I've made a bit of progress here:
> 1. rsync now works to/from guilden ... crle problem on guilden.
> 2. Guilden servers can now connect to the postgres database on spf ... it
> turns out
> that spf still had a entry on guilden:/etc/hosts (instead of
> 104).
> 3. Minor cleanup of makefile stuff.
> The resource client exception that results in the "Unmarshaller" problem when
> we try to fire up the resource client is definitely more related to the
> database than to the server ... even though it is the client that seems to
> notice the problem.
> Here is what I find ...
> 1. Client running on bopeep against servers on guilden against the postgres
> database on spf ... resource client fails.
> 2. Change the database from Postgres (on spf) to Oracle (on bopeep) and
> everything is fine.
> 3. Client running on shott against servers on spf against ther oracle database
> on bopeep .... everything is fine.
> 4. Change the database from Oracle (on bopeep) to Postgres (on spf) and the
> resource client fails.
> What is surprising, however, is the fact that the resource manager seems to
> think that it read all of the member/projects/accounts from either Postgres or
> Oracle ... but the client seems to develop a problem if that data came from
> the Postgres database.
> I'm sort of wondering whether the server is getting some sort of twisted
> information when it does it's getAllMembers call ... but not twisted enough to
> cause it to complain ... but that when it tries to pass it on to the client
> that everything is OK.
> Wierd ...
> Oh well, talk to you soon,
> John

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